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  • Step 1

Consultation Call 


  • Step 2

$5000 Deposit. We then gather permitting requirements from your municipality for an ADU at your desired location and start the process to gain your permit.


  • Step 3

We refer you to a vetted general contractor in your area. 


  • Step 4

Purchase Kit 50% of the remaining balance to initiate your frame.


  • Step 5 

We coordinate documents for your permit. You pay survey fees and permit fees.

  • Step 6 

We submit your plans and surveys. 


  • Step 7 

As soon as the permit is granted your contractor can begin site work. Then the foundation and rough plumbing can occur. 


  • Step 8 

When the foundation and rough plumbing are complete, your municipality will conduct an inspection. 


  • Step 9

Next is the structural steel installation that your contractor has coordinated. 


  • Step 10

Prior to shipping of your frame the balance of payment is required.


  • Step 11

Your frame arrives once the foundation has set. Installation of a frame takes 2-5 days depending on size and is followed by an inspection.


  • Step 12

As more work occurs a series of inspections occur to ensure your project is complying with the building code including plumbing, electrical, fire sprinklers, insulation, and drywall.

  • Step 13

Next is paint, then doors, floors and baseboards. then your kitchen and bathroom installations can begin including lighting.


Once completed, the project will be inspected for a certificate of occupancy, and then once your permit is issued your Necessary Home is move-in ready! 


Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you soon.

Thanks for submitting!

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